Providing Credit Reports for
Contractor Licensing

FAX:  954-567-1441


Here are the applications for Credit Reports for State and County Licensing requests.

Please print them out, fill them out and fax to:  954-567-1441 OR EMAIL TO: .

Payment is by credit card ONLY. 

Individual (personal) $52.00
Business Florida $58.00
Business Out of State $68.00

Reports are usually completed the same day or the next day. If your request comes in the morning, you will get it back in an hour or so. If the request comes in the afternoon, you will get it the next morning. We will email a copy to you and send the original to the State or County.

If you operate as a DBA, we will report that on the business credit report in full compliance and the way the State wants it stated.

Application Number is OPTIONAL. If you do not have or know your application number, leave it blank.

If you have FROZEN your credit report with Equifax or Trans Union, you MUST UN-freeze it before you order. If we have to re-pull due to a frozen file, there will be an additional charge.

If you provide an email address, we will email your copy to you - we will NOT mail it.  If you do not have an email address, we will fax your copy to you.   Many times, the State or County requires TWO reports. One on the PERSON who is the principal (or qualifier) and one on the BUSINESS. They may require a report on the business EVEN IF IT IS A BRAND NEW BUSINESS. If you are requesting a business report, the State or County may want an individual (personal) credit report.  If you are requesting an individual (personal) credit report, the State or County may want a Business Credit report.  In an effort to save time, you may want to check with the respective agency to confirm which reports they want: personal AND/OR business.  We do not know if you need one or two.  You need to call the State or County and ask them.  All we do is prepare the reports in accordance with your instructions.

Businesses do NOT have scores.  Only people have scores.  The FICO score will be provided on personal credit reports.  We do not know how the State or Counties interpret them.  If you have any questions regarding the FICO scores and how they affect your application, please direct those questions to them.

There is a fee for EACH report.

Reports are in compliance with Local, State and Federal Public Records check as required by the DBPR.

Click here for a Business License Request form (MS-Word)

Click here for an Individual (Personal) License Request form (MS-Word)

Click here for a Business License Request Form (PDF Version)

Click here for an Individual (Personal) License Request form (PDF Version)